WHATLESS rashguard fits me like a perfect glove. The torso area has an awesome length to it so you never have to worry about it sliding up into a tube top or something. The fabric feels really good on the skin with tons of breath ability.

The collar rests comfortably on my neck, never feeling like I am being strangled before I hit the mats. I have pretty long arms for someone my height and found the length of the sleeves to be really good. So if you have shorter arms, you might need to scrunch the sleeves up a tiny bit.

I’m 5’10, 155lbs with a swimmers body and the large fits perfectly.

Quality and Durability

I am blown aways by the quality of the stitches and quality of the print after every sparring session & wash. The double stitches on all of the seams have really stood up to repeated washes & plenty of rounds on the mats.


All of WHATLESS rashguards have a black body with graphics covering the arms. Mine has a psychedelic pattern that I really dig and get plenty of compliments at wearing. The pictures taken is the one I use all the time so you can see how well the pattern lasts under hard use.

The overall design is very minimal on the chest. On the back, there are two flat seams going from the collar to the sides for a nice look. These flat seams make the outline of the patterned design that goes throughout the sleeves.

Most of WHATLEES sleeve designs on their rashguards are very acid inspired but they do have patterns that don’t look like they belong in a smoke shop black light poster if that isn’t your thing.


Compared to other MMA brand’s rashguards that start at $50, this is a steal! The top you will pay is $34 which includes free shipping worldwide. The best part is we run specials on WHATLEES rashguards all the time, but hurry because they are always for a limited time.

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Disclosure: This review is sponsored by While we would like to sell more stuff, we don’t want to deal with anger people who didn’t like the gear they purchased, so we are not here to peddle crap gear. I am writing this because I truly endorse this product and actually wear it regularly to beat people up at the gym.

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