Going down August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV, at the T-Mobile arena, the biggest fight in combat history will happen.

What is on the Line

Money Mayweather is coming out of retirement at 40 years old to attempt to have the best record in boxing history. He is currently tied with Rocky Marciano at 49-0.

Conor is attempting to transcend combat sports by making his professional boxing debut against one of the greatest boxers ever. He is a 2-time UFC champion, a mixed martial artist sports league.


The Fight Lead Up

Floyd is considered the best defensive boxer in the history of boxing. He has never been knocked down in a boxing fight and has only taken a hand full of hard punches professionally. While only retired for a couple of years, one has to wonder how much he has been training at that time. Also, reports have come out to show Floyd owes the IRS over $20 million. How much of a factor is that in him coming out of retirement to take a big fight?

McGregor made it very clear in the world press conference made it very clear he is coming out to KO Mayweather in under 4 rounds. The amount of shit talk these two fighters did during the press conference was on an epic level. Do yourself a pleasure and watch some of the highlights if you missed it.

Be sure to check out Dana White Mayweather/McGregor World Tour Videos for some amazing coverage.


Notorious Conor McGregor

Conor has stepped foot in a boxing ring professionally until the lead up to this fight, so there is a ton we can really go off of. The best we can do is look at his MMA career and make guesses to how it will transition over with out kicks, knees, elbows, takedowns, etc.

Mystic Mac is going to have 2 inches of height and reach, plus weight on Mayweather come fight night. He is a southpaw in the prime of his life. McGregor has been nothing but spectacular in his MMA career so far with only a couple of slip ups. Something about his frame and the way he moves allows Conor to throw tremendous power in his left hand.

While showing the ability to be very versatile, he enjoys being an aggressive counter puncher. Everything he throws is to set up that left straight. Due to his reach and height, he can land it from some awkward positions.

With the 10 ounce gloves, possibly 8 ounces, McGregor will have to break his guard to find the same openings he would get with MMA 4 oz gloves. With good pressure and using his size and strength can wear on the much old Mayweather to find those opening.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr

Mayweather is considered by most to be the best boxer of this area. He has a very deep tool set no matter where the fight goes but likes to rely on his timing, footwork, and speed to throw his opponents timing off and win rounds.

He has in the past started the first rounds a little slow, giving them away, while he figures out his opponents. This gives the younger and more powerful puncher the opportunity to get something off. His timing and reaction speed is on another level in his last fights at 38 years old. Over 12 rounds he has frustrated a few opponents into throwing illegal blows.

With two years of retirement under his belt, one has to wonder how in shape he stayed. This fight was put in motion with 8 weeks until fight day. How much was he prepared prior to that? Trying to get a 40-year-old body back in two fight shape in 8 weeks after messing around for two years is very difficult if not done properly. 

For a fantastic breakdown of Floyd Mayweather Jr, click here: An Incomplete Tactical Breakdown of Floyd Mayweather Jr


Conor Vs Floyd Prediction

My heart says nor is going to continue to be a savage and take him out. My brain says a 40-year-old master is going to coast to a record breaking victory. The reality will probably live somewhere in between. I expect this to be Mayweather's most exciting fight in his career and for Conor to have plenty of moments throughout the 12 rounds. In the end, I see Floyd picking up his 50th victory.

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