When Glory does a big card, they do a GIGANTIC card! On December 10 in Germany, Glory has a stacked superfight series undercard featuring the semi and finale of the female bantamweight tourney fight (first in Glory history), a lightweight title fight on the main card, followed by a welterweight & a heavyweight title fight on the PPV. I am only going into the most interesting fights on the card, aka the fights I am freaking out to see and so should you.



Heavyweight Championship

Rico Verhoeven vs. Badr Hari

Rico has really came into his own to dominate the heavyweight division in Glory for the past three years. Verhoeven has a ton of technique of a heavyweight and freakish cardio for a man his size. He has a ton of moment and the ability to stay in control when he fights. That is going to be a tough task come Dec 10.

Badr Hari is a legit wild man. He is coming back from a “time out” from assaulting a dude’s leg at a nightclub and has had numerous brush with the law throughout his life. It is in part this recklessness that makes him so good though. He has the skills & power plus no fear to let it all hang out ever time. The reason he is such a legend is 94 knock outs in 104 wins. A few of his minimal loses (12) have came from being too reckless and getting caught.

Prediction: Rico by decision



Ismael “Mr. Pain” Londt vs. Jamal Ben Saddik

Ismael won the heavyweight contenders tournament in April and has racked up another finish since then. Liverkick.com has him as the #3 heavyweight at the world right now.  

Jamal is a Golden Glory product and has beaten some of the best in the division including champ Rico. He lives and dies by the sword so we will most likely see a finish one way or another.

Prediction: Ismael by KO in the third

Welterweight Championship

Nieky Holzken vs. Cédric Doumbé

Nieky has some of the best tattoos and hair in the fight game. It isn’t his looks that got him to be considered the most technical striker in the world. He is the dutch style personified with great boxing to set up the leg kicks. He throws every punch and kick with perfect technique every time, always keeps his hands up and top notch cardio. There isn’t a lot of kinks in his armor for opponent to take advantage of. As most that plays face punch at the top, he does have a few losses but with a 90-11-1 overall record, he is a living legend of the sport.

Cedric is ranked number three in the world by liverkick.com with a 64-5-1 record. It seems worth noting that one of his losses was in an extra round decision in China that wikipedia describes as a “Bad Call”. He hails from France and has a notable win over Murthel Groenhart who gave Nieky all he can handle both time they fought. So fight math says this should be an interesting one.

Prediction: Holzken by decision


Main Event

Lightweight Championship

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong (c) vs. Marat Grigorian

This is the third time these two have fought in the last year! The Thai master came out on top both times via majority decision. Marat is coming off a huge KO win and expect him to give it his best go but is really hard to image he has gained the skills needed to win this fight since they last fought nine months ago.

Prediction: and still champion, Sittichai by decision


SuperFight Series

Women's Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semi Final Fights

Tiffany “Timebomb” van Soest vs. Jessica Gladstone

Full disclosure, Tiffany was my first Muay Thai instructor so I am totally biased to the future Glory champ. Don’t let her good looks fool you, she is a multiple world champion in a couple of different divisions and trying her hand out in MMA under the Invicta banner. She comes from a Muay Thai background but never used the clinch much. Even though she current trains in Bali, she has an american kickboxing style. She is a master with her elbows so it is a bummer Glory doesn’t allow those types of strikes. She still has a ton of tools to take her opponent out.

Not sure what Glory saw in Jessica but she was good enough to get past the first round of this female tourney to move her over kickboxing record to a 6-6 record. She has fought some of the best but lost every time. This shouldn’t be any different.

Prediction: Timebomb goes off for a 2 round finish


Women's Super Bantamweight Grand Prix Semi Final Fights

Isis Verbeek vs. Amel Dehby

Amel is an undefeated french world champion with 28 wins. She is one of the favorite in the tournament let alone fight. She absolutely bullied her first opponent for all three round for an easy win.

Isis is a young prospect with a solid 8-2 record. She showed a lot of skill and composure in the first round of tournament to win a split decision. Her opponent is on a completely different level and hope this doesn’t turn into a blow out.

Prediction: Amel by decision


That would put Tiffany and Amel in the first ever Glory women’s tournament finale. Should be a great fight but expect Tiffany movement and flashier techniques to wow in a great back a forth fight.

Prediction: Tiffany by decision

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