The Holland is the name of a popular Muay Thai combination made famous by Dutch fighters like Ernesto Hoost. This combination is meant to open up a liver shot and ends with a leg kick.

Jab > Cross > Lead Hook > Liver Shot > Lead Hook > Power Leg Kick Across the Lead Leg

You start by throwing a jab cross hook, all with some authority to get your opponent to shell up. With your opponents hands protecting their head, you will slip in and rip to the liver if you are in an orthodox stance. If you are in the southpaw, you will be going to the floating rib. Quickly after you land, go back to the head with a lead hook. Feel free to use this hook as a set up to get your opponent off balance for the next strike. Finally, step out with your lead leg and throw a power leg kick to finish off the combo.

Be sure when you finish this (or any combo really) you're in a good position to retreat or attack.

Check Out Duane Ludwig showing off the Holland with TJ Dillashaw:

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