The trickiest part to buying a punching bag of any size is the shipping. Who wants to pay almost double the cost just to get it to your doorstep? The simple solution is to buy just the “shell” of the heavy bog without any filling. With a little elbow grease & time, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars!

Real quick, don’t fill your bag with just:

  • Sand
  • Rice

The filling of a heavy bag should be sturdy/heavy enough to not wildly swing around when you strike it but not so much that the shell gets overly abused. While it would seem like a great idea to fill with just sand and/or rice, doing so will destroy your bag in no time. The cheapest way to fill the bag is with shredded clothes or rags with sand in strategic areas for weight. TIP: Get clothes at a Goodwill, yard sales, use old clothes, or can ask a garment factory for scraps for very cheap.

Watch How to Fill Your Bag:

How to fill your Ringside Heavybag from Ringside on Vimeo.

How to Fill a Heavy Bag

What You Need:

  • A Pile of Rags/Clothes
  • Sharp Scissors
  • 5-7 Zip Lock Bags
  • Duct Tape
  • 10lbs of Sand (can pick up at your local hardware/gardening center)
  • Bat or a Long Blunt Object
  • Carpet padding (optional)


Step to Filling Your Bag:

  1. Remove any rivets, zippers, or sharp objects from your cloths.
  2. Shred clothes in to smaller pieces for dense heavy bag.
  3. Fill bags will sand and wrap in tape so they don’t accidentally break.
  4. Add one sand bag to the bottom of your heavy bag. Surround the bag with shredded cloth. Use your Bat or blunt object to compact the rags as often as possible.
  5. Continue to add shredded clothes making sure to compact.
  6. For every foot of your Heavy Bag, add another sand bag repeating step 4 & 5 until bag is filled.
  7. Tie off the top of the punching bag & properly hang it.
  8. Start your heavy bag workout!

Additional punch bag fill options steps:

If you are concerned with your bag becoming lopsided, you can add carpet padding to the heavy bag prior to the other filler for a more uniform bag look. If you can’t get carpet padding the same height as you bag, we recommend have several padding tubes you stack on top of each other as you add the filling.  Avoid carpet padding seams in places you plan on striking over and over again.

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