Who hasn't pretending to be the fastest man on Earth before? The Flash is a superhero in the DC universe that lives alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League. The Flash mantle has been worn by several people including Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick. No matter which one you like more, you are always a part of the Flash family. 

The Flash

Tap into the speed force like the scarlet speedster and run laps around everyone at the gym. Wally West is not only so fast he can go back in time, but Wally has also won a race across the universe against a teleportation device. 

The Flash Compression Shirt - Short Sleeve DC The Flash Leggings Female Flash Compression Shirt - Short Sleeve

Stealth Flash

For those times when you are hoping to not be seen at the gym. Suit up in stealth mode as the Flash for your next supervillain, the weight rack!

Stealth Flash Compression Shirt - Short Sleeve Stealth Flash Superhero Compression Spats Stealth Flash Compression Shirt - Long Sleeve

Kid Flash

Be in the mode with a work out shirt designed like the Kid Flash's costume. Wally West (and then Bart Allen) was a pivotal part of Young Justice in the same way the Flash is an original member of the Justice League. 

Kid Flash Short Sleeve Compression Shirt Kid Flash Compression Pants Kid Flash Long Sleeve Compression Shirt 

Reverse Flash

Be the rival to greatest nemesis as the Reverse Flash. Eobard Thawne is from the distant future but came back to destroy the life of Wally West. While it doesn't always work, he made a last impression by going back in time and framing his father for the death of his mother.

Reverse Flash Short-Sleeve Compression Shirt Reverse Flash Superhero Compression Spats Reverse Flash Female Superhero Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

Black Flash

Filling the role as the embodiment of Death for speedsters, the Black Flash will eventually get all speedsters. 

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