You don’t need much to participate in traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A flat surface (hopefully a little soft), some game sparring partners, and a Gi. The first two things on that list are basically free, so we are hooking everyone up with this list of BJJ super deals.


Some things to look for when buying a Gi:

Material - Cotton is the most common material for Gis but hemp and polyester can be found in various Gis.

Fit/Size - Gis have a universal sizing chart that is the same everywhere in the world. That doesn’t mean all Gis are the same as there is still room for variation on how the pants and jacket fit.

Weight - Lightweight Gis are amazing for so many reasons but not if you are worried about long term durability.

Color/Pattern - Looking cool is optional but highly encouraged. Double check the rules of your BJJ gym to ensure they allow other Gis.

Using these guidelines, let’s examine some of our favorite BJJ Gis that pack a ton of value.

Basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

Cheap basic bjj gi

Everyone needs to have their first Gi jacket and pants, so why not start with something entry level. Ranging from $57-69 depending on size, this is the cheapest way to get into jiu-jitsu. Similar in size and fit to the typical Gi most gyms require their students to wear like Gracie Barra and the UFC Gym.  

The awesome part of this Gi being blank is you can decorate with patches however you like with a needle and string. Available in two colors, blue and white. I am personally partial to the blue BJJ gi as it doesn’t show dirt as easily as the white gi. If that doesn’t worry you and/or you love the traditional martial arts look, go white.

Made from preshrunk anti-rip cotton, this gi is extremely durable meant to handle tons of abuse. That is why this Gi is perfect for your first Gi, you don’t have to worry about beating it up as this will be good to go for years.

The downside to the Gi being on the thicker material side is how much hotter you will be while rolling. Also, don’t be alarmed if the Gi feel stiff at first. This is super normal for most Gis until you break them in on the mats.


Sunrise Combat Gear Competition BJJ GI

Get ready for war in this lightweight competition gi that is under $200. A competition gis is designed to be as lightweight as possible and with a more fitted cut to minimize on grips for your opponent.

Cheap Lightweight BJJ GiCheap Lightweight BJJ GiCheap lightweight competition jiu jitsu gi

The gi jacket is made from 420 GSM premium ripstop cotton. For improved strength, the gi top is made from one single piece a fabric. The inside lining of the top has a built in rash guard featuring a bold imperial Japanese design.

The gi pants are only 10 ounces of pre-shrunk cotton with reinforced knee pads and the same red contrasting double stitching for improved durability. A red drawstring belt with 4 loops does a perfect job at securing the pants from fall off.

Sunrise Combat Gear Anaconda BJJ GI

The anaconda gi is a solid choice for $175, if you want some durable for every day rolling but with a deadlier look than a plain jane gi. Red embroidered snake is draped over the shoulders of the BJJ top and pops off the black gi material. The gi is made from standard materials; the top 550 GSM pearl weave and the pants from 240 GSM for strong everyday use. Overall, the gi has a more tailored fit than a regular BJJ gi.


Sunrise Combat Gear Women’s Cherry Blossom BJJ GI

Cheap womens bjj gidiscount womens bjj gi Cheap lightweight womens bjj gi

Stand apart on the mat with this gorgeous gi feature cherry blossoms throughout the top and pants. There is a lot to like about this gi for only $150! A single piece top made from 550 GSM cotton and a rubberized collar. The pants are made from the standard ripstop cotton but with a slimmer cut. This BJJ top and pants combo come in black or white.

Sunrise Combat Gear Women’s Cat BJJ GI

Womens BJJ Gi PinkPink womens bjj gi dealCheap Womens BJJ Gi Jacket

Have a cute cat help protect your lapel from chokes for only $150. The pants and top are made of the same material and fit as the Sunrise Cherry Blossom Gi but with a different style.

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